Leadership in times of crisis

Things are moving really fast right now in a climate of escalating fear, and as a financial adviser you’re in a position to help more people than ever before.

Your market are scared. They want someone to step up and say “yes it’s hard, but it’s going to be ok and we’ll get through this together, let me show you some actions you can take right now that will make things better for you.”

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Survive and thrive in the ‘new normal’

Although the COVID19 pandemic will result in the end of many businesses across the world, it doesn’t have to be a fait accompli.

There are many examples in economic history of disruption events that caused some businesses to double-down on their outdated model – to their ultimate demise – whereas those who adapted and innovated thrived…

Are you thinking you can wait this out and then pick up where you left off? If you’re thinking about how to batten down the hatches to get through all this you should reconsider your mindset and instead brainstorm how to change, innovate and adapt through this period.

The question is not “how can I keep doing what I’m doing?” but “how will I do what I do in a different world?”. The question is not “how do I survive?”, the question is “how do I thrive?”.

The mindset you want isn’t to be thinking of ways to preserve what you had, it’s to revisit what it is we do as financial planners and ask yourself what you want your practice – and you as its leader – to become. Be open to having a very different business by the time we come out of this.

So…What Now? And What’s Next?

We all this crisis to pass as soon as possible, and although our personal accountability can contribute to the finish of this thing – it’s beyond our control as individuals.

So just what is under our control and how can we use that to thrive during the crisis, emerge on the other side to confront our ‘New Normal’?

The answer lies in how you think about your role as a financial planner.

Think of this as your ground zero.

This free online training shows you how demonstrating leadership during times of crisis can strengthen your business. You’ll learn actionable steps to transform your service from ‘discretionary’ to ‘essential’ in the new reality.




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