Reboot your mindset with cutting edge ideas and strategies to evolve your financial planning business.

**Up to 4.5 hour of CPD awarded**

Mindset. It’s that critical ingredient that can turn a risky start-up business into a household name … or the most alluring opportunity into a complete disaster.

The current environment’s escalating pressures can quickly mount up and eventually overwhelm even the most resilient of us, leaving us frazzled and underperforming our potential.

The “Reboot Intensive” is a cutting edge, online, interactive half-day program brought to you by the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers, designed to help you reboot your mindset and equip you with all the tools and support you need to redraw your own roadmap for success.

The program brings together three thought-leaders in financial planning, incorporating the latest research in neuroscience & psychology as well as best-of-breed management tools to take your business to the next level.

This is an opportunity for YOU to invest in YOU – your greatest asset in business – through this online, interactive workshop, including ‘ah ha!’ break-out sessions and high-level success coaching.

Join us at the next program on Wednesday the 1st of July from 11am till 5pm AEST.

A snapshot of just some of the content…

Work On Your Business

What to work on in your business to increase its value so that you will have buyers falling over themselves to hand you enough cash for you to retire well on.

Business Analysis

Elixir’s high level business analysis tool – a proven process regarded as the best in the industry to identify your start point on the roadmap to success

Problem Solving

Trouble-shoot what’s holding you back from implementing proven and tested business strategies


The key business KPIs you need to watch like a hawk

Pricing Models

Pricing advice from the experts – insights into pricing models that work in the current environment and how to revise and improve yours

Planning Framework

Build out your own framework for planning and executing on your grand ideas

Energy Is Your Currency

How to manage your energy to optimise your mindset and your day – so that you stack the odds in your favour

Cognitive Energy

Why an awareness of cognitive energy – and what drains it – has a massive impact on your daily results

Time vs Energy

Why you should abandon time management and turn your attention to energy management

Work Smarter

How you can get an extra hour of productivity a day without working longer or harder


How to align your natural pace and your work pace to optimise productivity and generate high performance

Mental Health

What is ‘mental health’, why it is good for business and how it links in with personal productivity (and profits!)

Independence Is Your Opportunity

Why embracing the upcoming legislative change is going to enhance your value proposition

Crucial Concepts

The crucial concepts & mindset to make independence work for you (it doesn’t work for everybody)


Why bother? Obligations & opportunities (including the findings of deep research into what the consumer wants and why)​


Re-flavouring the look and feel and outcomes of a client’s relationship with you

Delivering Value

Redefining & delivering value – what is value? How to capture it and use it so you don’t leave money on the table or scare off the prospect.


Repositioning & transitioning the relationship – coaching on what you need to say and do to make it work


Monetising independence – how to turn it into revenue.

*  * Event Bonuses * *

Complimentary Business Analysis System

in preparation for the event

Complimentary Express Coaching Session

from Elixir Consulting

Complimentary ‘Express Coaching Session’

from Next Evolution Performance

20% Discount

Elixir’s forthcoming ‘Adviser Pricing Models’ survey and report

Business Analysis

Full Business Analysis System Report tailored to your business, valued at $400

PIFA Membership

Full price of the day’s event credited as a discount on PIFA membership (new applications only)

Your Reboot Intensive Panel


Founder, Elixir Consulting

Elixir have over 13 years of proven results that keep paying their advisers dividends long after we’ve engaged.

They don’t take a prescriptive approach to the solutions to be implemented. Rather, the key to their clients’ success is Elixir’s ability to help them articulate what they’re wanting to achieve, to uncover what’s holding them back, and to leverage their combined experience and their solid research to implement the right tactics to suit their unique situation. 


President, PIFA

Daniel is the co-founder and President of the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers Ltd (PIFA) whose purpose since 2010 has been to lift standards in financial planning and promote the importance of genuinely independent advice for the public.

PIFA’s campaign is to professionalise financial planning in the interests of the public.


CEO, Next Evolution Performance

Next Evolution Performance takes a fully integrated approach to high performance for leaders and teams.

High performance requires a thorough knowledge, understanding and application of many facets – from structuring your days, weeks, months and years for performance, as well as the brain/body connection for optimal brain function and finally, arguably the biggest part….mindset to rewire your brain for success and the prevention of mental health problems.

Invest In Your Business, Invest In Yourself.

Join us on Monday the 10th August from 11am till 5pm AEST.