Rebooting Your 

Success Mindset

Invest in your advice business, invest in yourself. The Profession of Independent Financial Advisers brings you three thought leaders in one online event to explore essential strategies and tools you can use to propel you towards where you want to be in this, your profession.

Work On Your Business

Energy Is Your Currency

Independence Is Your Opportunity

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You’ll learn…

How to transform ‘frazzle & overwhelm’ into ‘organised & calm’

Your ‘adviser DNA’ and its unbeatable value proposition

How energy management beats time management

Crucial performance indicators of your financial planning business

Deliverables for a unique client experience

How to get in front of the new legislation - your biggest opportunity

The way to win 1hr a day of extra productivity

How to Reboot your mindset to charge what you’re worth

The most sustainable and profitable pricing models

Your Reboot Camp Panel


Founder of Elixir Consulting

As the Head of one of Australia’s most respected independent business coaching firms dedicated to financial advisers, Sue has built her career and her business on helping financial advisers to improve the way they run their businesses and deliver advice

Sue will share with you her top tips on strategies you can deploy to move your business toward Independence, while growing your profitability and client advocacy.


President, the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers

Daniel’s mission is to grow a community of supportive, like-minded advisers who want to be genuinely independent and in control of their own business.

Daniel will explore the how’s and why’s of what independence means in 2020 so you can discover a newly certified Professional Standard that will deliver real results to your bottom line.


CEO and Co-Founder, Next Evolution Performance

Servicing clients in all parts of the globe, Vanessa has over 20 years of experience in the financial services and health and fitness professions and 8 years specifically as a Performance Mastery Coach.

Vanessa will show you why your energy is your currency, and how this affects your mindset and in turn the fees you command for the value you deliver.