Symposium 2023 December 1st

This year we celebrate the Tenth Annual Symposium of the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers. As always, the intention for PIFA’s Annual Symposium is to deliver value to you with an experience and content you simply can’t get anywhere else.

The theme for Symposium 2023 is ‘Best Practices’ and who better to give members the ‘good oil’ on what works best in an independent financial advice practice but … you!

With that in mind, you’ll be hearing the best of the best ideas — not from fund managers or BDMs or industry consultants – but the guys and gals ‘in the trenches’, day-in, day-out.

What’s your number one challenge? Is it …

  • Marketing – making the cold market place aware of the value you can provide?
  • Sales – converting a cold prospect into a warm client by showing them how you can deliver them their particular brand of value?
  • Fulfilment – delivering on the promises you made?
  • Development – getting out from under your business so it can fly … and deliver YOU value too?

Whatever your particular bugbear, in PIFA’s well-established reputation of openness and sharing, your fellow members are going to work with you to crash-tackle the problem so you can grab hold of the opportunity within, in a series of ‘show-and-tell’ impromptu panel sessions. Together we’ll unpack what’s working best, so you can walk away with the best of the best of the best from the best.

The day's layout

We’ve structured the day to give us all the freedom and space we need to let the conversation go to wherever the most value is to be found. Before we get stuck in, though, we’ll be opening festivities as usual the night before, to reconnect with old friends (plus make new ones) over a relaxed drinkipoo.

Thursday, 30th November – PIFA, ‘Rooftop Suite’ (access from lvl 10), 1 Bowes Place Phillip

6pm to 7.30pm     PIFA Sunset Cocktails

Friday, 1st December – PIFA‘Rooftop Suite’ (access from lvl 10), 1 Bowes Place Phillip

9am to 9.30am                 Registration

9.30am to 10.45am        Session 1

10.45am to 12.30pm     Session 2

12.30pm to 1.30pm       Catered lunch

1.30pm to 3pm                Session 3

3.15pm to 4.30pm         Session 4

6.30pm to 9pm               Dinner (optional) – Bellucis, 4 Irving Street, Phillip

Accommodation options

The closest hotel to the venue is the Abode Hotel (reasonable value for money but nothing swish) … A couple of hotels within ten minutes of Woden by taxi are:

However if you Google ‘hotels canberra’ … you’ll find about 400,000 more options.


Can you please confirm whether you will be attending, and if so, any others you’ll be bringing with. BRING YOUR PEOPLE – they have a wealth of information and ideas that this event will help unlock FOR YOUR BENEFIT!

Email to advise, for each attendee …

  • Attendee full name
  • Cocktails? Yes or No
  • Symposium? Yes or No
  • Dinner? Yes or No


Price is $595 per person (+GST). Here’s how to calculate the total price …

  • Registration is $595 +GST. Thursday night cocktails, attendance at the Symposium, and Friday night dinner are COMPLIMENTARY (no discounts for opting out of cocktails and/or dinner, they’re included in the price of registration).
    • If you want to add ‘plus one(s)’ to join you for cocktails add $50 for each additional person (no group discount applies).
    • If you want to add ‘plus one(s)’ to join you for dinner, add $100 per person (no group discount applies).
  • Group discount! Take 10% off the total registration price for each additional Symposium attendee. (This doesn’t include cocktails/dinnerplus ones’). Here’s an example so it’s clear:
    • Member Colin registers for $595, and he brings along two staff, Bill and Ben, who will attend the event. Ben can’t attend drinks or dinner. The cost is $595 x 3 less 20% group discount ($357) = $1428.
    • Colin wants his wife to attend dinner. Add $100.
    • Total amount to pay at the paypal link below is: $1428 + $100 = $1528 plus GST of $152.80 = $1680.80.
  • You can confirm your registration by emailing us the completed table above including a copy & paste of the receipt which you pay here:

BSB: 182-222
Account: 123986226
Name: PIFA
Please enter your member name as your reference

When your payment and receipt is received we’ll issue you with a tax invoice for your accounting records.