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The Best Antidote To Fear Is Competence

I’ve got a bit of a man-crush, I’ll admit it. 

I love Chris Hadfield. There, I’ve said it.

Acclaimed as the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong, the unassuming and likeable Canadian is a spectacularly accomplished outlier in a tiny peer group of over-achievers called astronauts. 

A few years back Hadfield broadcast a series of YouTube videos from the International Space Station that demystified space exploration by making it accessible and real to us mere mortals. One of his more recent projects is teaching an online course about space exploration. As fascinating as the science is, it’s what he has to say about mindset that has me so spellbound.

And these guys know mindset! Imagine what the mindset of an astronaut must be like: very simply, there’s no giving up, only problem solving. And more problem solving … and then some more … until you fulfil your mission. Or else you fail to return from space.

You and I – we’re not in the space exploration business. We’re in the financial planning business. So what’s the mission of YOUR business? What problems are delaying your mission? What problems might derail it altogether?

Elixir Consulting, business coaches specialising in financial planners, identify 15 different problems that need solving if you’re going to optimise your business and fulfil your mission. That’s a lot of plates to keep spinning, agree the experts at Next Evolution Performance, who have developed tools for you to manage your ‘cognitive energy’, a finite resource we each have available to do what needs to be done.

One of Hadfield’s sterling quotes is “the best antidote to fear is competence”. What better way to secure a success-oriented mindset? To me, this is invaluable advice: if you want to achieve worthwhile results, you’ve simply got to invest in yourself. You are your own greatest asset, after all.

To help you do this, PIFA has teamed up with Elixir and Next Evolution Performance to create a special online event, the Mindset Reboot Intensive. To be held on July 1st and running from 11am to 5pm AEST, the program was created to help advisers ready themselves for the huge opportunities that are now presenting in financial planning.

We’re offering a massive early bird discount, expiring at midnight today and spaces are limited.

This event will ‘deep dive’ into the concepts we shared with you at last week’s webinar, and delivers practical strategies and tools that you can take back to implement in your business straight away. It’s an opportunity for YOU to invest in YOU – your greatest asset in business.

Find out more and secure your spot here:

See you there…

Daniel Brammall
President, PIFA