You are currently viewing MEDIA RELEASE – PIFA launches ‘Independent Financial Advice Week’, 26 Feb to 1 March

MEDIA RELEASE – PIFA launches ‘Independent Financial Advice Week’, 26 Feb to 1 March

Canberra, 5th February 2024 – The Profession of Independent Financial Advisers Limited announces the launch of “Independent Financial Advice Week,” a week-long event designed to provide the public with unparalleled access to expert financial advice from members of “The Profession of Independent Financial Advisers.”

Event Highlights:

Key Points:

  • Unique, new and free event for the public. #IFAweek2024 is a new initiative from the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers, unlike anything available to the public, to be held 26th Feb to 1st March this year.
  • Trusted Experts: Members of The Profession, known for practicing the Gold Standard of Independence, will be available to speak impartially to callers of the public, for free.
  • Unbiased Financial Guidance: Attendees will receive unbiased and trustworthy clarity and direction from fully qualified and experienced professionals who are members of The Profession.
  • Innovative Approach: Independent Financial Advice Week stands out as an innovative initiative, emphasizing the importance of informed financial decision-making leveraging the expertise of impartial advisers.
  • Charitable Impact: The event aligns with PIFA’s commitment to charitable efforts, contributing to financial education and empowerment of Australian consumers.

About The Profession of Independent Financial Advisers:

For nearly 15 years, now, The Profession of Independent Financial Advisers (PIFA) has been the sole professional community advocating conflict-free financial advice be made required for consumers.

Daniel Brammall, President of PIFA, points to anonymous ‘Shadow Shopping’ surveys conducted by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission that have highlighted how dangerous conflicts of interest are. “The ASIC has proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt, over three decades of surveys: the greatest threat to quality advice is conflicts of interest … consumers shouldn’t settle for less.”

The financial services industry is a very busy environment, full of misinformation and myth, and ASIC’s crucial message is drowned out by the finance industry’s continuous noise and sales pitches.

“This is why PIFA established the highest standard in financial planning, the Gold Standard of IndependenceTM  which sits above other industry minimums and legal requirements of the rest of industry.”

About Independent Financial Advice Week:

To help address this problem PIFA announces ‘Independent Financial Advice Week’ on the 26th of February 2024, a national initiative to promote the availability of the Gold Standard of IndependenceTM in financial services.

Members of PIFA will be volunteering their time over a national phone number to field public queries and help provide clarity and direction to consumers seeking impartial guidance.

PIFA will also be hosting online presentations especially for the event that have been curated by its members on popular topics. Importantly, none of this content is sponsored or contributed by any banks, insurers or investment companies – all material is provided by PIFA members and is factual information and general advice for the benefit of the public.

“IFA Week is a welcome shelter from this noise so that the consumer can get some clarity and direction from impartial advisers.”

How to Participate:

Individuals interested in talking to an impartial financial adviser who practises the Gold Standard of IndependenceTM can simply get in touch by calling 02 6239 3988 anytime during IFA week between 8am and 8pm (AEDT).

Social Media Hashtags:

To promote the event PIFA has provided media outlets and participants these hashtags:

  • #IFAweek2024
  • #GoldStandardIndependence
  • #IndependentFinancialAdvice
  • #PIFA
  • #NoConflicts

For media enquiries:

For interviews, quotes or speaking engagements, contact the President, Daniel Brammall, at the contact details below.


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