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Professional recognition for PIFA is one step closer

We are delighted to announce the engagement of former Director of Professional Standards Regulation for the Professional Standards Authority, John Rappell. John has agreed to work exclusively with PIFA which we expect will considerably enhance PIFA’s likelihood of securing approval to operate a Professional Standards Scheme. We have been in close contact with PSA throughout the period while we have been working on the Roadmap to Professionalism that was developed through the application process, and, with John’s close involvement, are looking forward to a successful outcome.

The ambitious project of earning recognition as a professional body has been a significant focus for the efforts of management since 2016/17 when PIFA first announced the intention to professionalise. Once this unprecedented achievement is accomplished, the members of PIFA will be recognised by the public, the regulators, and their peers in industry as the first certified profession in Financial Advice.

The next planned milestone for us is the February meeting of Councils; we will keep you up to date as we continue to march forwards toward this most significant achievement in the history of financial services in this country.