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Are Your Tools Evolving Your business…Or Holding It Back?

As a strapping 16 year old lad, my father wanted to ’round out’ my education …

He said “I want four holes drilled through this wood, in a straight line,” and handed me a 4-inch thick block of wood (‘Jarrah’ — its a hardwood about one step back from concrete).

He presented a suite of tools for me to complete my mission — a carpentry pencil and metal ruler to draw a line on the wood, an array of metal bits to install into the head of the drill, and this ancient manual drill you see pictured below.

About an hour later I appeared before him, red-faced and lathered in sweat, and handed him the block of wood, task accomplished.

“What took you so long?!” he exclaimed, “and why are you soaking wet?”

I explained that it was really hard wood and showed him my blisters as supporting evidence. “Show me what you used,” he said.

I took him into the garage and showed him the tools I’d used. He picked up that ancient drill, inspected the bit, looked at me and, sadly shaking his head, said “My boy, I’ve failed in your education — you’ve used a screwdriver bit, not a drill bit.”

Do you ever feel that – in your financial planning business – you’re using the wrong tools, and you’re working harder than you should be getting results you’re not happy with? It’s like you’re dragging a massive ball and chain around with you.

Being a great adviser doesn’t necessarily translate to being a great business person. It’s all too common for great advisers to get drawn into a vortex of stress and complexity in running and growing their advisory business.

Rebooting your mindset is a key to developing and using the right tools for business success. So says Sue Viskovic, Founder of Elixir Consulting and a thought leader on the subject of business management for financial planners.

For well over a decade Sue and her team have been coaching, retooling and up-resourcing financial advisers to evolve their businesses. Sue is one of three thought leaders speaking on her subject of expertise, online next week, in ‘Reboot Camp’.

Take this time to invest in your advice business, and invest in yourself.

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