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IFAAA President Speaks to ABC News Sunday 29 April 2018

The major banks and insurance companies are now reeling in the wake of the Royal Commission, a saga that exposed a culture of self-interest and deceit. The public is outraged at how an irresponsible and out of control banking industry covertly went about its business, apparently at the expense of its clients.

But that’s not all, the collateral damage of these corporate boardroom decisions has been fully borne by their aligned financial planners, who have been tarnished with the same brush and their reputations diminished.

These financial planners have options, though …

Even those who once considered themselves career bank planners are now seizing this opportunity to take control over their careers and their business, and become part of a Profession …

Source: First posted as ‘ABC News Sunday (ACT) 29/4/2018’

Dana Smith

I work for Brocktons Independent Advisory, Independent Financial Advisers Australia and the Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia.