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The Origin Of The Professions: From Barbers To Surgeons

Dr Simon Longstaff AO (Board member at FASEA and executive director of the Ethics Centre) delivered an insightful keynote at a PIFA annual Symposium which colourfully explains how the professions came to be, and the reasons why members of the professions are respected by the public. 

Some key highlights …

6:00 – how the Barbers Guild gave birth to the College of Surgeons
9:45 – the principal differences between industry and a profession
12:00 – the legitimate satisfaction of wants – a story of the chocolatier
13:30 – the service of interests – the diabetic and the doctor
15:00 – the professional’s promise and the reward for the promise
18:00 – holding each other accountable: self regulation
20:30 – the impact of technology on society and the role of a profession
25:00 – death, dying, and financial services
28:00 – legal aid and the equivalent opportunity in financial services
30:00 – QnA
33:50 – codes of ethics and codes of practice and how they play out for an adviser ‘in the field’ on a daily basis.