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Investing Your FASEA ‘Gift Of Time’

How will you convert Senator Rex Patrick’s heart-stopping, last-minute, legislation-blocking backflip into your own personal ‘gift of time’?

Yes – we’d all like more time to get more done. Trouble is, one day equals 24 hours for us all. You know as well as I do, though, that not all of those hours are equally productive.

It’s therefore unsurprising to learn that not only have studies confirmed the majority of our hours aren’t particularly productive, they indicate that on average we have the capacity to be highly productive for just four hours a day. So the truth is we don’t really need a magical 25th hour, what we really need is an extra productive hour. 

As it turns out, equipped with a few simple cognitive tools, you can get that hour — not by managing time, but by managing your energy …

How you spend your ‘Energy Credits’

You start your day with 100% of your productive capacity — these are your ‘energy credits’ and how you spend them determines how productive you can be on any given day. Spend them wisely and they’ll last till bed time … spend them unwisely and by 2 o’clock, you’re ready for a nana-nap.

Structuring your ‘Cognitive Load’  

Working harder doesn’t mean high performance, though. A particular task might take you 30 mins but if it drains 30% of your whole day’s credits, is it really worth it? Understanding where you get your energy from and how you personally expend it gives you the ability to influence how and when to allocate your energy. Thoughtfully structuring your ‘cognitive load’ means increased productivity which means increased profitability.

Don’t believe everything you think!

Ever notice as your energy starts to wane, your mind starts to wander? Random thoughts can pretty quickly derail an otherwise productive work session. There is a very close link between our thoughts and our established beliefs. Not all of them serve us though.

Your ‘Psychological Safety’ mechanism

Our beliefs can help or hinder us in achieving our goals because a belief is the acceptance that something is true, especially without proof. In other words, your beliefs may or may not be actually true, but it doesn’t make any difference, because they are your truth. Beliefs, even untrue ones — even beliefs that stand in our way — make us feel safe. They give us more certainty and more ‘psychological safety’. However this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with beliefs that are holding you back from getting what you want. 

‘Neuro-plasticity’ – rewire your beliefs

Your plastic mind can be organised so it serves you rather than working against you. ‘Neuro-plasticity’ sits in the crosshairs of psychology and neuro-science and its potential for rebooting your business results is truly impressive.

Attendees at our upcoming Reboot Intensive Virtual Event will take a deeper dive into this new science and learn how to reboot their mindset for better results.

And that’s not all…..

You’ll also get access to all of the following bonuses (total value $2175)

Express coaching – Next Evolution performance

  • Capitalise on what you’ve learned at the Reboot Intensive to redirect your days so that your weeks, months and next 12 months are more successful
  • Identify your own individual high, medium and low energy tasks
  •  Allocate the right tasks to the right timeslots in your day to spend your ‘energy credits’ well, to win YOUR extra hour of productivity each day
  • Session value $250

Adviser pricing model – Elixir Consulting

  • Now in its 6th year, this is an unparalleled annual analysis of more than 300 financial planning businesses containing over 35,000 cells of data breaking down how financial planning practices price advice — their models, their pricing, their results
  • Incredibly informative guide for any adviser who wants to stay competitive in the rapidly changing landscape of financial services
  • Discount of 20% applies to each module and, when applied to all modules, is worth $280 of pure value

Express coaching – Elixir Consulting

  • As informative as objective analysis is, it’s the doing that gets the results
  • Your express coaching session will integrate what you’ve learned in the Reboot Intensive into an organised plan of action
  • Make visible and measured progress to see your business quickly transform into a more satisfying, organised and profitable machine that can develop a saleable value
  • Session value $250

PIFA Membership Credit (Value: $995)

For over a decade the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers has been coaching advisers on what it takes to become independent, and the benefits of going down that path for both the adviser and the client.

As an attendee of the Reboot Intensive, every dollar of your investment can be used as a credit towards membership in PIFA.

This truly is an investment with a huge return…and that’s before you even start to get the benefits of applying what you’ve learned at the Intensive.

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You can have results or you can have excuses … but not both! See you there.

The PIFA Team

p.s. missed the Reboot Camp Webinar? You can catch the replay HERE